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UoP Game Jam, Day 3: Now is the time to panic!

June 10th, 2015 by

See previous post here. I knew yesterday that this would happen (panic!). The game is functionally at a state where it is doing everything we want it to, but we have noticed a massive issue with our design/implementation. The game window is set up to be stretched across two screens to display two rooms. To Read More ..

UoP Game Jam 2015, Day 2: The calm before the storm

June 9th, 2015 by

See previous post here. We as a team have made a lot of progress today. I would be really excited and talk about how amazing our game is currently but I have been to enough Game Jams to know the “Day 2 Buzz” is going to followed by the Day 3 panic, the Day 4 Read More ..

UoP Game Jam 2015, Day 1: Care Package

June 8th, 2015 by
2015-06-08 09.42.14

It’s not been the smoothest of starts to a Game Jam, but really it never is. I spent a good chunk of the morning just trying to get a system that I can work on. The first computer I landed on was just stuck on a “Please wait…” for a good 40 minutes, before I Read More ..

SSTD Update: Particles! (r97 Video)

June 4th, 2015 by
Flame Thrower in action

Another video update of the project I have been working on! In this update the major changes include lots of fancy particle effects and a radial menu with full Xbox Controller support. Minor additions include starting to get some 3d models into the project (3d modellers are on it) but treat everything as placeholder for Read More ..

Early prototype of a personal project

March 12th, 2015 by

I’ve been rather busy since my last blog post with contract work and job hunting, but in my spare time I have been working on a solo project which is essentially a revamped and 3D version of one of my past projects. This post just feature a quick video and download link to the first Read More ..

End of UoP Game Jam 2014

June 25th, 2014 by
You what, mate?

I forgot to do a blog post about the end of the Game Jam, so here it goes: What an awesome Game Jam it has been. There has been  a bunch of awesome games this year; some with complex game-play, some with highly original ideas and others that were just crazily fun! I could go Read More ..

SVN Source Control with Unreal Engine 4 (TortoiseSVN)

June 19th, 2014 by

NOTE: This is guide was created and tested using Windows 7 Professional 64Bit. I cannot guarantee that you will not have unexpected issues if you use a different operating system. I’ve spent the last few days researching and attempting to get a source control system in place for some future UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) projects Read More ..

UoP Game Jam 2014, Day 4: I’m kinda digging the blueprints

June 12th, 2014 by

So, yeah, I did a lot of work in blueprints today, and I have to say I quite like it. I did a variety of things today, occasionally helping Nick fix logic errors with our blueprints as well as implementing my very own blueprints! The other day I was asked to help some other guys Read More ..

UoP Game Jam 2014, Day 3: To spawn a barrel, or to not spawn a barrel

June 11th, 2014 by
Run for yo life!

I spent quite a lot of time today helping Nick with blueprint logic (I don’t know much about blueprints, but I can sure help with the logical side of things) and implementing barrels that can be destroyed by the player, which then drop various power-ups (or parrots, as someone pointed out); these power-ups are quite Read More ..

UoP Game Jam 2014, Day 2 : Bugs

June 10th, 2014 by
You what, mate?

Damn, that day went by quickly. I must say I am really starting to get the hang of UE4 now, although I still have some glaring problems with it, I am slowly becoming more and more aware of my mistakes and finding ways around them. I spent a fair bit of time today trying to Read More ..